| April 12, 2022

Paulo Araujo and Petru Grindeanu, vice-presidents of European Wushu Kungfu Federation recently sent out a rather threatening message to their members warning them that participating in the European Championships that we are organising in Burgas next month is in violation of both EWUF’s and IWUF’s constitutions. We strongly disagree with this position for many reasons but principally because the temporary suspension of the recognition of EWUF by IWUF, while being temporary, is still a full suspension and the current leadership of EWUF doesn’t seem to understand how it affects their right to say anything about present matters. But more importantly, in the same letter from IWUF where the temporary suspension of the recognition of EWUF was announced it was clearly stated that this did not in any way affect the rights of individual members to participate in events organised by other IWUF member countries and to be clear the upcoming European Wushu Championships is organised by an IWUF member under the auspices of our federation.

In the same message both vice presidents urge their members to be patient and wait for the outcome of the case presented at the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS). Up to now we have always been reluctant to speak up about the reasons of our dispute with EWUF and we still want to maintain this line of conduct because we have complete confidence in the ongoing investigation conducted by the IWUF Ethics Committee and are eagerly awaiting its outcome. But we think that it must be clear by now that the complaints that were lodged were very serious and multifaceted. It is not our place to speak out about the matters currently under investigation but we invite all current members of the suspended EWUF to look back to the events of the last 10 years and ask themselves the question of the development of wushu in Europe: Has it really been helped by the way the EWUF conducted its business or if  all the things that were going on were to the benefit of a few parties? Did EWUF really work to bring together countries on an equal basis or did they play a power game that alienated quite a number of countries and helped some parties and countries to build up their power base?

We feel that things have moved to a point where every European IWUF member should think on their own,  without any threats and  speak up. If you are happy with the current policies and leadership of EWUF and with the conduct of its leadership in the past and the way financial matters were conducted, we will fully respect your position and wish you all the best. However, if you have doubts or if you have really had it with EWUF we suggest you take one of three possible routes:

1. You could choose to suspend your EWUF membership awaiting the outcome of the CAS case and the final report temporarily and officially of IWUF’S Ethics Committee and IWUF EB.

2. You could put in an official statement that you agree to become a member of our federation if IWUF decides to definitely suspend EWUF. We understand that in a number of cases it may be necessary to remain an EWUF member for internal reasons like recognition by your government or National Olympic Committee (NOC). But such a statement could help resolving an ongoing conflict and move us towards becoming the logical, democratic and historically justified successor of the European Wushu Federation.

3. You could choose outright to join our federation and become a full member thereby looking to the future of wushu in Europe with confidence and trust in the democratic and peaceful processes that has made Europe what it is today.

Whatever route you choose we are there to help and to clarify whatever questions you may have.

Please send every email and document relating to these matters to  and/or to make certain that your request is handed over to the right people in our organisation.

On behalf of the EUWUF Executive Committee