The General Assembly of the European wushu federation (EUWUF) took place online on May 7

| May 9, 2022

With the presence of almost all EUWUF members and the guest observer Ukraine, the General Assembly session offered reports from the President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer and Sport’s Director. Detailed report was given on all the activities since EUWUF foundation in January 2020, with a special focus on the European championships which is coming in few days.

As the two years of mandate of the existing Executive committee were marked by pandemic limitations, a new election process was carried before the assembly session, and Belgium proposed M. Patrick Van Campenhout to continue his successful presidency for another four years. As this was the only proposal for the position of the EUWUF President, M. Van Campenhout was unanimously elected. His list of the officers of the Executive committee was the same as two years ago, which means that the same team that had worked hard and achieved a lot last two years -is now continuing its work for the mandate 2022-2026.

General Assembly session showed strength, unity and commitment of all members to continue in our mission to unite, develop and strengthen European wushu and put it on a map of world wushu at the place it deserves to be. A lot of support that EUWUF is getting from European IWUF members as well as from the members out of Europe, encourages and assures us that very soon we will attract many new members who recognized the European wushu federation is the one that selflessly and transparently leads towards the bright future of European wushu.