Greece joins EUWUF

| August 26, 2022

General Assembly of The European Wushu Federation (EUWUF) has unanimously voted positively (YES) on the proposal of its Executive committee to accept the request of Hellenic Wushu Federation to become its full, regular member.

So, from August 25, just a month after Ukrainian federation became our regular member, we welcome the EUWUF new member (at the same time old friends) – Hellenic Wushu Federation.

We consider this new membership as a sign of our good work in the past two and a half years, and our transparency and honesty in trying to restore the European wushu sport.

Hellenic wushu federation is the second EWUF member who decided to join EUWUF after its foundation, and this is just a beginning of the inevitable process. Very soon, there will be more EWUF members whom we expect to join us. As we stated while accepting Ukrainian federation into EUWUF, the process of consolidation of “healty” forces in European wushu has started, and it will not be stopped. It is just the matter of time and dynamics of the decisions of national federations, but the process is inevitable and irreversible.

We are once again inviting all European IWUF members who still hesitate, to take the responsibility for the cure of our sport in Europe and join us as soon as possible. All are welcome, there is place and work for all of us within EUWUF to join forces and raise the level of wushu in Europe, so the recognition of IWUF will also be inevitable and realized in the very near future.

Dear Greek wushu friends, Welcome to EUWUF – together we’ll build stronger wushu in Europe!