President & Executive Committee

Information about the President of the European Wushu Federation, Vice Presidents, Secretary General and the members of the Executive Committee of EUWUF: names, positions, e-mails, short biography:


Name: Patrick Van Campenhout
Position: President of the EUWUF
Bio: Patrick Van Campenhout (Born May 6, 1960) is a passionate Belgian sports manager, former international Wushu athlete and respected national coach. Highlighting impactful contributions to the Belgian Olympic Committee, the World Combat Games and the International Wushu Federation. Since taking office as president of the EUWUF in 2020, Patrick has been devoting his time to end corruption, restore integrity and promote Wushu in Europe in an honest and transparent way. His attitude to life is to spread the ethical, educational and philosophical values of the Chinese Martial Arts, i.e. Wushu. For over 42 years Patrick has been a dedicated practitioner of Modern Wushu, Traditional Wushu and Taijiquan. Until this day Patrick practises Wushu every day.


Name: Abdurrahman Akyuz
Position: 1st Vice President of the EUWUF
Bio: Abdurrahman Akyüz was born in June, 1961 in Of city of Trabzon province. He graduated from the Sakarya University in 1993 from the department of mechanical engineering. He is the founding member and Vice president of Turkish Wushu Federation. He is currently heading the National Youth Trust based in Ankara. He is one of the founders and elected 1-st Vice president of the European Wushu Federation Jan. 2020.


Name: Stefan Kolev
Position: Vice President of the EUWUF
Bio: Born 1969, Burgas, Bulgaria. Graduated Electronics at Burgas Free University 1998. Graduated Finance at Burgas Free University 2001. Graduated Muay Thai (2006) and Wushu (2007) at National Sports Academy (NSA) “Vassil Levski”, Bulgaria. Graduated Sports pedagogy at Veliko Tarnovo University
“St. St. Cyril and Methodius” 2010. Wushu teacher at the National Sports Academy, Bulgaria. Licensed Wushu Judge. Training Wushu for more than 30 years. Medalist in international competitions. Multiple National Wushu Champion. Founder of one of the first Wushu clubs in Bulgaria in 1994. President of the Bulgarian Wushu Federation since 2015. One of the founders and elected Vice president of the European Wushu Federation Jan. 2020.


Name: Petar Turkovic
Position: Secretary General of the EUWUF
Bio: Born 1957, Zagreb, Croatia. Graduated Psychology at Zagreb University 1981; completed his postgraduate education in psychotherapy, communication, cybernetics and organization consulting. Croatian junior champion in budokai karate in 1974. Founder of nanbudo sport in Croatia in 1980 and an executive director of Croatian nanbudo federation since 1989. General secretary of World nanbudo federation from 1999 to 2004. Vice president of Croatian Olympic Committee 2000-2002 and the member of the NOC delegation on Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. One of the founders of International nanbudo federation and its General Secretary since 2010. Tai chi chuan practitioner for more than 30 years. Founder of Croatian wushu federation and its Executive director since 2008. One of the founders and elected Vice president of Balkan wushu federation since 2013. One of the founders of Europen wushu federation (EUWUF) and elected its first General Secretary Jan. 2020. Author of the two books: Nanbudo martial art, sport and a healthy life style (1997), 40 Years of Nanbudo Sport in Croatia (2018).


Name: Alma Anic
Position: Member of the Executive Committee
Bio: Born in 1971, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Arts, Sarajevo University, 1995 – academic degree: professor of English language and literature. Certified court interpreter for English language, appointed by the Ministry of Justice, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinain February 2009. Associate degree in Economics, Marketing & Management at the Business and ManagementSchool, Faculty of Economics, Tuzla University, 1999. About 30 years of work experience in NPO sector including emergency aid, shelter &housing, sustainable development, energy efficiency & renewable energy sources projects implemented by international and national agencies (Medicines Sans Frontiers, UN, Mercy Corps and Centre for Development and Support). Actively involved in establishment and development of kungfu wushu sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Secretary General of kungfu wushu federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2015. One of the initiators and coordinators in establishment of ExYu regional wushu federation. One of the founders of the European wushu federation (EUWUF) and elected ExCom member in the first mandate, January 2020. Co-author of the book: “Coping with war, coping with peace: Livelihood adaptation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1989-2004”, the Feinstein International Famine Centre (FIFC) of Tufts University.
Name: Tigran Chobanyan
Position: Member of the Executive Committee
Bio: Born 1961, Kiev, former USSR. Graduated Yerevan State Polytechnical Institute, Faculty of Architecture and Construction, Architect-Designer, 1983. Training Wushu for 44 years. One of the founders and President of the Traditional Wushu Federation of Armenia since 1992. Executive President of the Organizing Committee of the 6th World Wushu Championships 2001 in Yerevan. IWUF Grade A Judge. One of the founders and elected EC member of the European Wushu Federation (EUWUF), Jan. 2020.
Name: Raul Martin Rodriguez
Position: Member of the Executive Committee
Bio: Born in Valladolid (Spain), in 1968. Officer in administrative leave of the traffic police, he is also trainer titled by the Ministry of Education as pedagogic instructor of the traffic agents body. Graduate in Graphology (handwritten), and Calligraphic Expertise by the National Spanish University (UNED). Currently, he is pursuing law degree studies in the National Spanish University (UNED). Member founding of the Andorran Wushu i Kung-fu Federation in 1991, at present, he holds the position of Technical Director and Secretary General for International Affairs. Fourth place (in long weapon) in the world championship of Hung-gar Kuen held in Foshan in 2014. Kung-fu Master in active of the traditional styles of Hung Gar Kuen, Ving Tsun and Yang Taichichuan, has been practicing Chinese martial arts for more than 30 years. Likewise, he is instructor of the police personal defence, and private security. It is identified with the honour and values of tradition and respect, typical of Chinese martial arts; and he firmly believes that EUWUF will be the platform that will restore these values for all the countries in the European continent.
Name: Kypros Andreou
Position: Member of the Executive Committee
Bio: Kypros Andreou is the Founder and Chairman of the Cyprus Wushu Kung Fu Federation, the only national Federation representing all Chinese Martial Arts in Cyprus recognised by the Cyprus Athletes Organization and the Cyprus Olympic Committee. He has been involved with martial arts more than forty years now and has been training and coaching hard athletes for national, european and international championships. All his life he has been working to promote Wushu Kung Fu in his country and he is very satisfied to hear that this unique sport will soon be considered as an Olympic sport.