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EUWUF is proud to announce the exclusive news: The Ukrainian Wushu Federation has become a full member of the European Wushu Federation

The General Assembly of European Wushu Federation (EUWUF) has unanimously voted positively (YES) on the proposal of its Executive committee to accept the request of Ukrainian Wushu Federation to become its full, regular member.

So, from July 26, 2022 we welcome the EUWUF new member – Ukrainian Wushu Federation and its president Mr. Oleg Chukanov, brave federation of brave people and sportists, by whose trust in us we are deeply touched and honoured.

We think this is a turning point in European wushu future, and the sign of the end of confusion, conflicts, irregularities and a start of the brighter future for wushu sport on our continent.

Ukrainian wushu federation is the first EWUF member who decided to join EUWUF after its foundation, and in this moment, there are a few more federations whom we expect to join us. The process of consolidation of “healty” forces in European wushu has started, and it will not be stopped. Now it is just the matter of time and dynamics of the decisions of national federations, but the process is inevitable and irreversible.

This way we are inviting all European IWUF members who still hesitate, to take the responsibility for the cure of our sport in Europe and join us as soon as possible. All are welcome, there is place and work for all within EUWUF to join forces and raise the level of wushu in Europe, so the recognition of IWUF will also be inevitable and realized in the very near future.

Welcome to EUWUF!

1st EUWUF European championship – Great success for all participants

The 1st European Wushu Championships, organized under the auspices of the European Wushu Federation (EUWUF), took place from 11-15 May in the beautiful city of Burgas, Bulgaria. More than 500 participants from 14 countries showed some excellent performances in different wushu disciplines. The Bulgarian Wushu Federation was a fantastic host and with the well appreciated and significant logistical and technical help of the Turkish Wushu Federation made this first EUWUF Wushu Championship a great success.

The Turkish, Croatian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian athletes were very successful and won the largest number of medals. But all participating countries won medals in the disciplines where they had their top athletes performing. Without any doubt this European Championship was a tremendous success not only because of the vast number of athletes participating and the numerous medals that were won by the participating countries, but also and foremost because of atmosphere of friendship, respect and mutual understanding that was very much felt by all participants and that has been lacking for many years in the past European Wushu events.

EUWUF made history with this championship and started a new page in the story of European Wushu. All the participants present at this event could feel the vibe of the new and fresh atmosphere that was present in all aspects of this championship. The presence of a wonderful team of athletes from Ukraine (who traveled by bus for more than 50 hours to participate in this competition) helped all of the participants understand that the essence of being an athlete, is primarily being a human being, and so all participants shared the emotions of their Ukrainian colleagues at the closing ceremony where the Ukrainian flag with the added slogan ‘STOP THE WAR’, touched the feelings of all participants and made it clear where the priorities lie.

We are already looking forward to our next big event later this year, which will be officially announced before July 1.

At the end of the closing ceremony Mr. Stefan Kolev, president of the Bulgarian Wushu Federation handed over the EUWFU flag to Mr. Abdurahman Akyuz, president of the Turkish Wushu Federation who will host the 2nd European Wushu Championships in the Spring of 2023.

Pictures from the competition

The General Assembly of the European wushu federation (EUWUF) took place online on May 7

With the presence of almost all EUWUF members and the guest observer Ukraine, the General Assembly session offered reports from the President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer and Sport’s Director. Detailed report was given on all the activities since EUWUF foundation in January 2020, with a special focus on the European championships which is coming in few days.

As the two years of mandate of the existing Executive committee were marked by pandemic limitations, a new election process was carried before the assembly session, and Belgium proposed M. Patrick Van Campenhout to continue his successful presidency for another four years. As this was the only proposal for the position of the EUWUF President, M. Van Campenhout was unanimously elected. His list of the officers of the Executive committee was the same as two years ago, which means that the same team that had worked hard and achieved a lot last two years -is now continuing its work for the mandate 2022-2026.

General Assembly session showed strength, unity and commitment of all members to continue in our mission to unite, develop and strengthen European wushu and put it on a map of world wushu at the place it deserves to be. A lot of support that EUWUF is getting from European IWUF members as well as from the members out of Europe, encourages and assures us that very soon we will attract many new members who recognized the European wushu federation is the one that selflessly and transparently leads towards the bright future of European wushu.


Paulo Araujo and Petru Grindeanu, vice-presidents of European Wushu Kungfu Federation recently sent out a rather threatening message to their members warning them that participating in the European Championships that we are organising in Burgas next month is in violation of both EWUF’s and IWUF’s constitutions. We strongly disagree with this position for many reasons but principally because the temporary suspension of the recognition of EWUF by IWUF, while being temporary, is still a full suspension and the current leadership of EWUF doesn’t seem to understand how it affects their right to say anything about present matters. But more importantly, in the same letter from IWUF where the temporary suspension of the recognition of EWUF was announced it was clearly stated that this did not in any way affect the rights of individual members to participate in events organised by other IWUF member countries and to be clear the upcoming European Wushu Championships is organised by an IWUF member under the auspices of our federation.

In the same message both vice presidents urge their members to be patient and wait for the outcome of the case presented at the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS). Up to now we have always been reluctant to speak up about the reasons of our dispute with EWUF and we still want to maintain this line of conduct because we have complete confidence in the ongoing investigation conducted by the IWUF Ethics Committee and are eagerly awaiting its outcome. But we think that it must be clear by now that the complaints that were lodged were very serious and multifaceted. It is not our place to speak out about the matters currently under investigation but we invite all current members of the suspended EWUF to look back to the events of the last 10 years and ask themselves the question of the development of wushu in Europe: Has it really been helped by the way the EWUF conducted its business or if  all the things that were going on were to the benefit of a few parties? Did EWUF really work to bring together countries on an equal basis or did they play a power game that alienated quite a number of countries and helped some parties and countries to build up their power base?

We feel that things have moved to a point where every European IWUF member should think on their own,  without any threats and  speak up. If you are happy with the current policies and leadership of EWUF and with the conduct of its leadership in the past and the way financial matters were conducted, we will fully respect your position and wish you all the best. However, if you have doubts or if you have really had it with EWUF we suggest you take one of three possible routes:

1. You could choose to suspend your EWUF membership awaiting the outcome of the CAS case and the final report temporarily and officially of IWUF’S Ethics Committee and IWUF EB.

2. You could put in an official statement that you agree to become a member of our federation if IWUF decides to definitely suspend EWUF. We understand that in a number of cases it may be necessary to remain an EWUF member for internal reasons like recognition by your government or National Olympic Committee (NOC). But such a statement could help resolving an ongoing conflict and move us towards becoming the logical, democratic and historically justified successor of the European Wushu Federation.

3. You could choose outright to join our federation and become a full member thereby looking to the future of wushu in Europe with confidence and trust in the democratic and peaceful processes that has made Europe what it is today.

Whatever route you choose we are there to help and to clarify whatever questions you may have.

Please send every email and document relating to these matters to  and/or to make certain that your request is handed over to the right people in our organisation.

On behalf of the EUWUF Executive Committee

EUWUF European Wushu Championships – important info about the participants

Dear wushu colleagues,

Due to increased interest for participation at EUWUF European championships in Burgas, May 13-15 2022, EUWUF has decided to open the championships to all interested parties:

a) National federations, IWUF members from Europe, can participate as national federations no matter of their membership in either of European wushu (kung fu) federations

b) In case they do not want to participate as national federations, their members are welcome to apply as clubs or individuals

c) All other participants including the above mentioned individuals, will be invited to participate as guest participants from particular European country

This way, all those who are interested can take part in this championships for the benefit of the development of wushu in Europe.

Please go to our European Championships website: and proceed with final entry for your athletes until April 12 (24:00 h Bulgarian time).

General Assembly of EUWUF will take place online, on May 7 2022, 6 pm CET, and all European federations non EUWUF members can attend the GA session as observers – to hear, see and check how our federation works and ascertain if this might be the federation of their choice to lead the future development of European wushu sport.

To everyone who will express such an interest a link to attend the GA session on May 7, will be provided in time.

Best regards and welcome to Burgas!


EUWUF Statement

On March 13th, the European Wushu Kung Fu Federation has published a statement claiming different matters, the EUWUF its made her statement to put the matters in the right context and to inform the Wushu family:

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Message from the EB of EUWUF in connection with the war in Ukraine

EUWUF is united in its mission to contribute to peace through sport and to unite European wushu in peaceful competition beyond all political disputes, but strongly on the side of truth and justice for all.

Following the recommendation of the IOC In order to protect the integrity of global sports competitions and for the safety of all the participants, EB of EUWUF decided that Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials are not any more invited nor allowed to participate at the European wushu championship which will take place in Burgas, Bulgaria, May 13-15 2022.


Letter of Ukrainian Wushu Federation to IWUF

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Official info about the European Wushu Championships 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The European Wushu Championships 2022 will be held from the 13th to 15th of May 2022 in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria.

In connection to the competition, the organizing committee would like to draw your attention to the following:

– The official website of the competition is

– The website of the competition has already published all the necessary documents – Regulations, preliminary entry forms, final entry forms, etc. All documents can be downloaded from the page Documents:

– Anti-covid measures to be taken by the Organizing Committee can be read at

– The Covid situation in Bulgaria at the moment is as follows: generally confirmed cases of infection with Covid-19 from March 2020 to February 2022 – about 1 million people out of 7 million population. Currently ill – 239,000. Total vaccinated as of February, 2022 – about 2 million. Deaths – 35,000 from March 2020 to February 2022. Total cured – 800,000 people. Currently Bulgaria is coming out of the 5th Covid-wave.

– Full official information about the requirements for passengers entering Bulgaria can be read on this page:

I wish you all healthy and successful European Wushu championships

Stefan Kolev
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
EUWUF-EWC 2022-Burgas

EUWUF President elected in the European Olympic Committee commission


Dear Wushu friends,

During the general assembly of the European Olympic Committee on 28 November in Samorin, Slovakia, the members of all commissions were elected. We have the honor to inform you that our EUWUF President, Patrick Van Campenhout, was elected in the EOC EU and International Relations commission for the next legislature. This is a boost for the good work he is accomplishing and the mandates he is carrying out with the international bodies (e.g., Panathlon International…). Meanwhile, he received many congratulations from the sports world. The EUWUF can be proud of these achievements.

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Dear Colleagues,

After a long time of patience and endeavor we are now in a new phase of the process of the European Wushu Kungfu Federation (EWUF) problematics.

As you remind the IWUF has made in early April a temporarily suspension of the EWUF. In all democratically entities the possibility of going into appeal should be provided, and this has happened.

The President of the EWUF, Mr. Raymond Smith, went into an Appeal against the IWUF executive board decision after a thoroughly investigation and chance of defense to the Jury of appeal.

The IWUF published the IWUF Presidents letter with the outcome (see attachment) of the decision:

In final summation the Jury of Appeal concluded:

“The Jury of Appeal considered all the arguments of the Appellant (EWUF) and IWUF and concluded that the appeal shall be considered inadmissible, as it was lodged against a decision, which is not final and binding. 

Irrespective of the foregoing, the Jury of Appeal analysed all the arguments of the Appellant raised on the merits and dismissed them all.”

Accordingly, as the Appeal by EWUF, now having been rejected, the IWUF Ethics Committee will resume its investigation into EWUF and its Board members.

Please find the publication on the website of the IWUF:

May I kindly ask to remain patient for the next step, meanwhile we start already the preparation of our activities to implement as soon as possible.

Thank you for your confidence!

Together we still are STRONG!

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Van Campenhout

EUWUF president

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