Results of the Online 15th of July European Wushu Championship 2020

| October 2, 2020

Dear Members,

First and foremost, hope that you and your family were spared the negative consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The European Wushu Federation (EUWUF) recently launched the 15 of July European Digital Wushu Championships and many of you have subscribed to it.

After the jury was assembled, the jury was carefully and pressured to reward the best performances in an objective way.

In any case, let me thank everyone who submitted an entry, thanks to which the EUWUF barely had to hold a first championship in very special circumstances.

My special thanks go to Petar Dragoev, our sports director, and Numan Zafar, who received all the entries in good order and ranked them according to categories.

It was a huge job to organise and handle this online championships.

On behalf of the EUWUF board, we thank you once again for your support and participation.

Everyone will receive a nice certificate of participation. The results will be officially published on the EUWUF website in order to make it available on social media.

After this championships the EUWUF will start all committees to be ready to fully promote our beloved sport on all levels after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep it safe.

Best regards,
Patrick Van Campenhout, President of EUWUF