Foundation of the European Wushu Federation (EUWUF)

| January 16, 2020

4 January 2020 was a historic day for European wushu sport.

European wushu federation that has been the recognised member of IWUF till 2014 is now reinstated in Brussels. The first General Assembly of the reinstated federation was held on January 4th in the offices of Pharum Legal in Brussels. 12 national federations and 1 regional federation, founders of the European wushu federation (EUWUF), were represented on the meeting by their delegates or by proxy votes.

The founding countries of the EUWUF are:  Andorra, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and Balkan wushu federation.

From two countries, observers were present: from Spain, Juan Peres, and from Portugal  Pedro Ferreira.

The General Assembly was constituted and the statutes of the EUWUF were accepted by the delegates.

Upon the candidacy proposals – Patrick Van Campenhout was proposed and elected for the President of the EUWUF. The president then proposed a list for executive members which was accepted by the GA.

The Executive committee is composed of the following persons:

  • Patrick Van Campenhout (Belgium), President
  • Abdurrahman Akyuz (Turkey), 1st Vice-president
  • Stefan Kolev (Bulgaria), Vice-president and Treasurer
  • Petar Turković (Croatia), General Secretary
  • Alma Anić, (Bosnia and Herzegovina), member
  • Tigran Chobanyan (Armenia), member
  • Raul Martin Rodriguez (Andorra), member
  • Kypros Andreou (Cyprus), member

One position for Vice-president is left free until the next GA meeting.
Marc Heyvaert (Belgium) was appointed Head of the EUWUF administration.
The European championships (EC) for 2020 will be held in Burgas, Bulgaria May 28-31, 2020.

The executive committee held its first meeting on January 5th in Brussels.
On that meeting the following functions were appointed:

♦ Sport director- Petar Dragoev (Bulgaria)

♦ Chairman of the Technical Committee – Abdurrahman Akyuz (Turkey)

♦ Chairman of the Traditional Wushu Committee – Aleksandar Žejn (Slovenia)

Members of the Traditional Wushu Committee:

  • Tigran Chobanyan (Armenia)
  • Dr. Zoran Barac (Croatia)
  • Raul Martin Rodriguez (Andorra)
  • Cédric Thoumsin (Belgium)
  • Kypros Andreou (Cyprus)

♦ Chairman of the Marketing & Development committee- Patrick Van Campenhout (Belgium)

Members of the Marketing & Development committee:

  • Muhammed Capoglu (Turkey)
  • Stefan Kolev (Bulgaria)

♦ Chairman of Communication committee – Stefan Kolev (Bulgaria)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Members of Communication committee:

  • Hasan Mehmed Kuyumcy (Turkey)

♦ Chairman of the Youth and Education committee is Christophe Bauweleers (Belgium).

All member federations will be invited to propose additional candidates for the above mentioned committees as well as other committees (Audit, Medical, Legal, Sanshou, Modern Taoulu, Disciplinary, Judge, etc..)

Regarding the EC in Burgas, by the end of January, regulations and invitations will be sent to all members and other European federations.

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